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Walk With Heart

The Walk with Heart is an annual event organized by the JTB Foundation to help raise awareness for sudden cardiac death and support our mission to stop it.

Winter Holiday Luncheon


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2018 Newsletter
Take a look at the JTB Newsletter for October 2018!


Caption (L-R): AHFAS members Joe Mendoza, Lou Marotta, Marci Mount, Janet Nolan, Bill Mount, Lance Hubeny, Coral Wasserman and Tim Barnes discuss CPR training and the use of new AEDs gained through a grant from the John Taylor Babbitt Foundation.

The John Taylor Babbitt Foundation provided funding for four new AEDs, along with a matching AED training unit. The AHFAS also funded the purchase of two additional units, all from V.E. Ralph Emergency Medical Products. The devices will be used on all AHFAS frontline emergency response units on land and water, as well as in CPR and AED training for local community groups, recreation department sports coaches and schools.

Walk With Heart 2008 Slideshow
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Walk With Heart 2015- From Damp to Beautiful

Babbitt honored by Fortune Magazine
Fortune's Heroes of the 500 2014 represents 50 men and women whose personal passions, individual ideals and professional endeavors are transforming communities.

How to save a life in cases of sudden cardiac arrest
-- What is sudden cardiac arrest?

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is a condition in which the heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops beating. Blood stops flowing to the brain and other vital organs.

SCA occurs because of problems with the heart's electrical system, which signals the heart to contract and pump blood. When this system misfires, abnormal heart rhythms result. The heart simply twitches and can't pump blood.

Cardiac arrest is not the same as a heart attack, which is caused by a sudden blockage to a small artery that supplies blood to the heart muscle. (In some cases, the death of heart muscle caused by the blockage can result in someone experiencing cardiac arrest...)



A Celebration of John's Life

JTB Foundation successful in sponsoring legislation requiring CPR/AED training for NJ High School st

Sponsor the 2018 Walk with Heart

JTB Impacts New Legislation for Student-Athlete Physicals and Cardiac Incident Reporting
The JTB Foundation is thrilled to report that its strong backing of advanced physical examinations for all student-athletes in New Jersey schools has resulted in a new bill that will lead to the detection of cardiac problems in young people.
Governor Chris Christie in June signed into law the Scholastic Student-Athlete Safety Act, which requires that sports-playing pupils in grades 6 through 12 not only get a comprehensive physical but that their physicians use a certain form for the results of that physical. Schools have to start using the forms in September 2014.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month; A time to reflect and a call to action
Sudden cardiac arrest is a killer. It is ruthless, silent, deadly and effective. So effective, in fact, that 92- 95% of its victims die. So effective, that despite more than 30 years of progress in technology, the survival rate remains at an appallingly low and unacceptable level of 5-8%.

The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association, as a leading national advocate on this issue, recognizes and appreciates the fact that Congress has designated the month of October as Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month. However, we realize that our work does not begin at the start of October and that it does not end on October 31. Rather, in order to battle this healthcare crisis, we must continue our work on a daily basis in order to achieve our goals...


Good Samaritan Bill Signed into Law
On Thursday May 3, 2012 the Good Samaritan Bill was signed into law by Governor Chris Christie. The Good Samaritan Law protects an uncertified person who uses an AED (automated external defibrillator) in an attempt to save a life from civil liability if they unintentionally cause injury. The signing of the bill took place a little more than two months after the bill was passed by the State Senates and Assembly.

American Heart Assoc.

John - A Memorial Tribute

New NJ law requires high school students to learn CPR before graduating

Starting with this fall’s high school freshman class, public school students in New Jersey will be required to learn CPR and how to use defibrillators in order to graduate.

Amazon Smile
Amazon has created a program where they donate 0.5% of your purchase to the charitable organization of your choosing.

New cardiac laws aim to save lives of New Jersey high school athletes
By Sept. 1, every New Jersey high school will be mandated to have AEDs at athletic events across all levels of play — freshman, junior varsity and varsity — and will have to implement more stringent cardiac-related precautions and screenings for student athletes. A coach, designated staff member or certified emergency services provider must also be on site for the athletic events and trained in the use of AEDs.

Walk with Heart 2014- An Inspiring Event

Investors Bank Presents Renovated Chatham Branch at VIP Event
The dedicated team at Investors Bank’s branch in Chatham Borough will celebrate 17 years of service to the community and unveil its completely renovated banking space during a VIP Event on Tuesday evening, November 12.

Pingry School Walk with Heart - Big Success Despite Rain

New Jersey Student Athlete Cardiac Screening Task Force

The New Jersey Student Athlete Cardiac Screening Task Force was created by law in 2010 as a response to the deaths of student athletes in the State. The seven-member task force is “responsible for studying, evaluating and developing recommendations regarding specific measures to enhance the cardiac screening process of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and other cardiac conditions in student athletes.”[1]   In March of this year the Task Force issued an informational brochure which was sent to the heads of all school districts in the state with mandatory distribution to parents and guardians of every student athlete.
The brochure provides information on the common causes of sudden cardiac death in young athletes, warning signs, and screening recommendations in an easy to understand, question-and-answer format. The final section of the brochure addresses AEDs and states:
“The American Academy of Pediatrics/New Jersey Chapter recommends that schools:
·         Have an AED available at every sports event (three minutes total time to reach and return with the AED)
·         Have personnel available who are trained in AED use present at practices and games.
·         Have coaches and athletic trainers trained in basic life support techniques (CPR)
·         Call 911 immediately while someone is retrieving the AED.”
We applaud the effort of the Task Force and happy to see this important informational communication on student athlete cardiac health.

JTB Heart Clubs

A JTB Heart Club is a campus chapter of the JTB Foundation, a non-profit foundation established to prevent sudden cardiac death. The Foundation is named in honor of John Taylor Babbitt who died at age 16 when his heart stopped during a basketball game at his church gym.  

A JTB Heart Club is founded, organized, and run by students on a high school or college campus. The club contributes to the foundation mission by focusing on four goals: Advocacy, Education, Defibrillators and Fundraising. A campus club should also have an adviser from the faculty or administration according to the school’s policy.

Currently, there are JTB Heart Clubs at over 6 schools in the NJ area, including:

For more information on how to start a club at your High School or University, please download the Campus Clulb Toolkit. You can view pictures from active JTB Heart Clubs below:

Should Young Athletes Be Screened for Heart Risk?
Should high school athletes be screened for heart trouble before taking to the practice field? Once thought to be exceedingly rare, sudden cardiac death is far more prevalent among young athletes than previously believed, recent research has shown.


Pingry Student Interviews

St. Patrick Church

AED Donations Are On The Rise- 2013

Bob Herzog, Director of Operations V.E. Ralph & Son, Inc (provider of emergency medical services), providing instruction on the use of AEDs.

There are five new Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) at Trinitas Hospital in Elizabeth this year, courtesy of the John Taylor Babbitt Foundation.

The Foundation made a $4,880 grant to the hospital, which enabled it to purchase five AEDs, including one for Emergency Department lobby and one for the Trinitas Bike Team. The hospital’s Bike Team provides emergency response during local races and walk-a-thons. Two other AEDS are now installed in hospital emergency service vehicles. These vehicles regularly do home visits for heart failure patients recently discharged from the hospital. 

Another device is being set aside for training students. Last year JTB gave Trinitas a grant to purchase practice dummies for its training classes.

Because Trinitas is a first responder for the Newark/Elizabeth region, it was able to purchase the devices at a substantial discount under the state contract rate, according to Abby Nagel, director of Corporate Partnerships.

JTB Foundation has placed 51 AEDS in the past three years and funded 29 CPR/AED training classes. Last year, two units went to the Summit Library and one unit each to the Cora Hartshorn Arboretum and Bird Sanctuary in Short Hills, the Farmingdale Borough Community Center, and Visitation Academy in Paramus.

To help Koinonia Academy in Plainfield comply with Janet’s Law, JTB purchased three units, two for the school and one to accompany traveling athletic teams. JTB is also underwriting CPR/AED training for faculty and students.

A unit purchased through funds from the Fairfield University Walk With Heart last year was presented September 27 to the University’s Public Safety Department for use in a campus security car.

Automated External Defibrillation Program: A JohnTaylorBabbitt Foundation Guide

The JTB Foundation has just issued an easy-to-use guide for launching  a defibrillator and training program in your town or community.  The guide is for a field installation. Based on our successful initiative in the Chathams, the guide provides a step-by-step program that can save lives by preventing sudden cardiac death through defibrillators and CPR/AED training. 

According to the Red Cross, about 250,000 Americans die of sudden cardiac arrest each year. The Red Cross estimates up to 100,000 of these deaths could be prevented with immediate use of CPR and an AED. Installing well-marked AEDs on the playing fields in the Chathams will ensure that there is a always a defbrillator available where our children play.

The Foundation has prepared an easy-to-use GUIDE to help other communities establish their own DEFIBRILLATOR AND TRAINING PROGRAM. See below for a downloadable copy of our Guide.

6th Annual Walk With Heart a Huge Success

Chatham Fields are Safer
CHATHAM - Borough recreation fields are safer for the installation of Automated External Defibrillators (AED) placed there by the borough’s recreation department and the John Taylor Babbitt Foundation (JTB).  The AEDs were placed at all five recreation fields in the borough.

John's Photo Album

Kiosks in Hospitals on AEDs and Sudden Cardiac Arrest

The Foundation participated in the launch of educational kiosksin lobbies at Overlook and Morristown Memorial Hospitals.  The kiosks explain what Sudden Cardiac Arrest is and how defibrillators and training can save lives.

SCA Coalition

The Life of John Babbitt
Speech Given by Ted Corvino ’94 at the Memorial Assembly - THE PINGRY RECORD - IN MEMORY OF JOHN TAYLOR BABBITT - JUNE 11, 2006

Save a Life at School


Highlights of our 2011 Walk With Heart

Pingry Record - Memorial

Articles and Tributes published in the Pingry Record Memorial to John, June 11, 2006


Highlights of our 2010 Walk With Heart

My Best Friend
‘I Am Honored to Call John My Best Friend’ - by Caitlin Demkin: Pingry Record - Memorial


Highlights of our 2009 Walk With Heart

Faith, Hope and Love
From St. Patrick's Parish Life and Times, May 2008:
"If you’re like most people, you expect each day to be pretty much like the last one. Sure, experiences vary from day to day…some days are good while others leave a lot to be desired. Although you know life isn’t perfect, you kind of assume things will continue on an even keel. What you don’t expect is to experience a life shattering event ? one that, in the blink of an eye, changes you forever."

Pingry Review - In Memoriam
Article published in the Pingry Review in memory of John Taylor Babbitt.


Highlights of our 2008 Walk With Heart

John Taylor Babbitt '07 Memorial Field

Article from the Winter 2009 issue of the Pingry Review on the new turf field
in honor of John.


Highlights of our 2007 Walk With Heart

Holiday Luncheon 2014
Highlights of the 2014 Ladies Holiday Luncheon

Holiday Luncheon 2010
Highlights of the 2010 Ladies Holiday Luncheon

Holiday Luncheon 2009
Highlights of the 2009 Ladies Holiday Luncheon

Youth Sporting Event AED Bill Passes in NJ Assembly

A bill requiring defibrillators at municipal or county recreation departments and nonprofit youth serving organization sporting events passed in the Assembly this afternoon by a vote of 41-19-14.


2013 Newsletter
Our Fall 2013 Newsletter has arrived! Learn all about the Foundation's accomplishments over the last year and get updates on what's next. Issue highlights include: coverage of the annual Walk with Heart, special awards recognizing the work the Foundation and individual volunteers, important information about Janet's Law, and more.

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