Goals & Objectives

  • Install defibrillators (AED’s) in schools, athletic venues and public gathering places and propose legislation to support placement of AED’s

  • Establish Heart Clubs in high schools and universities to raise awareness and save lives.

  • Support research on genetic cardiac disorders that increase risk of sudden cardiac death.

Key Accomplishments 

  • Donated over 375 AEDs to schools, camps and community service organizations dedicated to serving the public and supported legislative initiatives mandating placement of AEDs and training in places of public assembly. 
  • Sponsored over 100 CPR/AED training classes attended by over 1200 individuals and awarded grants to fund equipment for organizations that provide CPR/AED training. 
  • Provided over $750,000 for research in order to identify those individuals, especially children, at risk of sudden cardiac arrest due to genetic cardiac disorders. 
  • Have raised over 1.6 million dollars towards our mission
  • Responsible for sponsoring NJ Good Samaritan Bill which grants immunity to anyone who in good faith attempts to use an AED to save a life.  Also sponsored the CPR/AED in schools Bill which requires all NJ High School Students to learn CPR and how to use an AED.  Both bills have been signed into law! 

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