Investors Bank Presents Renovated Chatham Branch at VIP Event

Investors Bank Presents Renovated Chatham Branch at VIP Event
Bank will honor John Taylor Babbitt Foundation for its Many Achievements
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Published: November 12, 2013, 11:30 AM

Chatham, New Jersey (November 6, 2013) – The dedicated team at Investors Bank’s branch in Chatham Borough will celebrate 17 years of service to the community and unveil its completely renovated banking space during a VIP Event on Tuesday evening, November 12.

Located at 169 Main Street, the Chatham branch will acknowledge its many loyal customers and recognize the alliances Investors has built with local nonprofit groups. For example, the branch supports the Chatham Education and Athletic Foundations, houses of worship, and youth sports leagues. At the VIP reception, the branch will honor the John Taylor Babbitt (JTB) Foundation, which is based in Chatham. The JTB Foundation has achieved notable success building broad public awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, and the organization’s board and members of the Babbitt family will attend the event celebrating the Foundation’s achievements.

In discussing Investors role in the community, Chatham Manager Jill Gregg said, “We build relationships here by joining local organizations, participating in their programs and supporting their fundraising efforts. In addition to delivering superior banking services, our mission is to make a positive difference in the community by finding creative ways to assist nonprofits that are helping people in many productive ways.”

During the VIP event, customers, area businesses, and community leaders can talk with the Investors’ team and see the new space. The open-design interior is brighter with a color scheme in keeping with the Investors’ brand. All the elements have been combined to create a relaxed, professional and welcoming feeling in the branch.

Also, the customer seating area is one of the branch’s focal points. A couch and chairs are arranged under a dome with recessed lighting and in front of the Investors Bank Community Wall that features a vintage, mural-size photograph of Main Street circa 1928. Adjoining this area are the offices for customer meetings. In addition, for customers who use the drive-through banking lanes, there is now a 24-hour drive-up ATM.

Commenting on the new space, Ms. Gregg, who joined the Bank when the branch opened in 1996 and has held a variety of positions since then, explained that Investors is making a long-term commitment to Chatham. “We will continue to enhance our facilities and form alliances with local groups that serve the community.”

For examp

le, the branch has an ongoing relationship with the JTB Foundation, which advocates for the installation of lifesaving, automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in schools, athletic facilities and public places. When life-saving defibrillators can be quickly accessed, just about anyone can use the device to aid a person who is having a sudden cardiac incident.

As part of the Bank’s ongoing alliance with the Foundation, the Chatham branch supports the JBT Foundation’s annual fundraisers. Also, employees from the Bank have participated in the organization’s annual Walk With Heart event.

“We are grateful for Investors Bank’s generous contributions to our mission, which is to focus on three goals: Advocacy, Education, and Defibrillators,” said JoAnne Taylor Babbitt, Vice President of the JTB Foundation. Ms. Babbitt’s son, John Taylor, was 16 years-old when he collapsed and died from an undiagnosed heart condition while playing basketball.

Following their son’s death, the Babbitt family and people in the community formed the John Taylor Babbitt Foundation in his memory. One of the organization’s major accomplishments was securing bi-partisan passage by the New Jersey Legislature of a “Good Samaritan” bill, which Gov. Chris Christie has signed into law. The new law applies to individuals who use automated external defibrillators to save lives of people having a cardiac incident. The new law provides immunity from civil liability for untrained individuals who operate a defibrillator in a medical emergency. New Jersey is the 44th state to have this law.

For more details about Investors’ Chatham branch, contact Branch Manager Jill Gregg at 973.701.1400.

To find out more about the John Taylor Babbitt Foundation, visit its website at

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